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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The business of weaning....

Weaning the cria is always such sweet sorrow. On one hand your babies are growing up, growing strong, and becoming more independent. On the other hand, moms and babes are so very emotionally attached, the initial separation is stressful on both of them as well as the owner.

Our farm begins the process by separating mom and cria for daytime hours, returning them together at night so they can do some end of the day suckling and snuggling. The sheer delight once they're together again is a sight to behold.

The weaning schedule is continued for a week or two, by that time they are adjusting to their new reality.

Cria's need plenty of hay, pellets and fresh water to meet their energy needs and prevent dehydration during and after weaning. Weights and body scoring needs to be done frequently. Moms and babes also need to be able to see each other throughout the separation period to prevent excess stress.

Weaning more than one cria at a time makes the process much easier on everyone, buddying up is the key to happiness!